Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lancelin Surfin' Surfari 2014

Wedge in the wind

It's been a long time coming, but this was my first weekend away from both Rowan and James since Rowan was born. James and I spent a week in Bali recently, but it was great to escape for a girls' weekend.
It was classic Lancelin. Complete with flies, a crazy holiday house and all of the weather.

Flies in the Wedge Dunes
Our house was absolutely classic. We tend to stay in the same place, so we tried somewhere different this time. Right across from the beach. And everything about it was an after thought. The front lounge was a deck that had been closed in. The front bedroom was the verandah, that'd been closed in. The bathroom is kinda in the kitchen.... to get to the third bedroom you actually go outside and up some stairs. And the fourth? Back down those stairs, out the back gate, through the garage-cum-bbq-area and past the laundry. Oh, and it's tiled. So it was great. Very cosy though.

It was meant to be windy aaaaall weekend. When we book these trips, months in advance so everyone is free, we don't know what the weather will be like. So the weather was naff. We stayed up super late on Friday night, except for Tania, who wakes up at 5am and is tired at 8:30... So we weren't in a hurry to leap out of bed early to race to onshore slop. As it turned out, it was pretty good fun!

Windy Wedge
This is what greeted us. I took the 5'6 mini simmons and wondered if I'd even catch anything. As it was, we all had some fun rides and the reforms went all the way in to the beach. Managed to do some halfway decent duckdives - haven't done any in months and months as I'm always on the longboard.

So everything changed and this huge rip developed which is was paddling around in for half an hour trying to get in. But I went and had a cup of tea with some guys on the reef and they pointed me in the right direction to get in.

We had our customary BBQ bacon fry-up when we got back to Casa del Escher. We had a fun afternoon surf, did the trip to the shops and I squeezed in some geeky sewing before we walked to the pub. We look like a bunch of bogans (below) but I promise we're not. (They were next door at the house with the "peck deck" out front.

The weather came in on Sunday morning, although Lancelin missed the brunt of it. It wasn't worth the 80km round trip to wedge. We were super lazy and hung out and tried to stay warm. The deck/lounge leaks. We braided each others' hair, had a spa, wandered around in our jocks, but there was no pillow fighting.
Leaving orbit

Heaving. More wind.

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