Friday, March 8, 2013

Maldives - Day 8

Saw Mona in the airport who I hadn't seen for 14 years. I thought checking our bags in first would be a good idea, then we'd go grab a coffee. Turned out with their security that we weren't allowed to go back out again and Mona wasn't able to come in! So we chatted for about 45 minutes in the little section next to the X-ray machines. Great to hear about her life, different resorts she's worked at, crazy tourists and all of her cats!
Mona and I
At the airport - Unimpressed about the food

Unimpressed about the plane delay
Our flight got cancelled. We are still in Male. It is now midnight and we just spent 12 hours at the airport, getting on and off the plane. On our way OUT of Male airport, we see the girls from the boat who will all be on their plane before us. We manage to follow some guy, back out through immigration and onto a water taxi, to arrive at some random hotel on Male proper after midnight. We've had to lug our boards back with us.
We're bummed. We're ready to come home. Oh well. Found some blokes from Tassie to hang out with.
At its Ramadan, everyone is out eating even though it's late. We sit down at 1am with the three guys to enjoy the best spag Bol I've ever had and to marvel at the tartan table dressing. Most surreal dinner ever.

Day 8.2
At a count, I think we went through the airport X-ray machines seven times in Male. It isn't until the sixth time that someone finds the tiny screwdriver I'd left in my carry-on after taking my fin out...

We board our repaired plane and Leeann and I promptly sit down in the sits we were allocated yesterday on yesterday's flight.... Which belong to someone else. Unbelievably stoked to get to Singapore. Manage to transfer onto a slightly earlier Qantas flight for the way home and even manage to get our excess luggage on without issue. Spend the interim pushing each other around the terminal on a luggage trolley. We're experts now. On and off the train, up an elevator. The best bit is the ramps where he person pushing gets to hop a ride too.
Rad cabin onboard the Haira
The girls and Brian

We arrive home 24 hours later than expected and are very glad to finally be back. Put a bit of a downer on the end of the trip, but I've just had the most fantastic time. It has been an experience of a lifetime. The all girls charter was so much fun. Being on a boat, just magical. And the waves... well it will be a while before I get to surf such consistent, quality waves again.

Time to start planning the next adventure!

All photos are copyright Hannah Katarski except those reproduced with the permission of Mikala Wilbow Photography. 

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