Monday, September 3, 2012

Bali day 1

So far everything has been fantastic! The Chillhouse is super cute. Small - only about 30 people staying here, so we all eat together in the open air dining hall and they take your preference for your main that night during the day.

Our room is lovely. Open air with a king size four-poster with swathes of netting, held aside with shells on ropes.
Of course i love the bathroom as it's open air too. Pebble mosaic floor, volcanic rock walls and a turquoise feature wall. The granite sink and green vanity all work together to create a pretty picture. Our lounge area is outside the room, carved wood bench seats. Everything with a mix of royal blue, aqua, purple and green. Fuchsia coloured walls offset the green of the foliage.

We've eaten snake fruit, yellow passionfruit, lady finger bananas, black fruit and green oranges.

A mega nap was needed as we were all pretty shattered from only 3 hours sleep. Sleeping on the plane was slightly more successful than usual. I managed two hours of fitful sleep. Kristy scored three seats in front of us for a lie down.

We had the first of our massages up in the spa area, above the dining room. Best massages I've had in Bali, with a light breeze floating across my skin.

Dinner was amazing. Carrot and beetroot salad with a vinegrette, followed by a tom yum soup. Then came BBQ pork ribs- James had the chickpea curry- and for desert: organic chocolate cake.

Selamat malam

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