Saturday, October 1, 2011

Around town

Sunday sesh ii
Spring has been pretty nice. I've been enjoying my new 5'6 mini simmons and my new (2nd hand) canon rebel 2000. I think I might need me one of these bikes with a basket too...
Mini Simmons test drive

Sunday sesh
It's been a bit of a challenge finding waves with shape lately - the curse of living in Perth. Hoping that we're not done for the year as far as swell goes. Can't wait til the next session with decent waves so I can build up some confidence and consistency on the new board. A standing wave in the back yard sure starts to look good after surfing day after day of close outs.
Friday session foto fun

More cool surf-mobiles

Friday arvo session


A. Swanson said...

Those colors!

Jess said...

I LOVE the photo in the back of Biff. Just beautiful colours. Which camera took that one?!

Hannah said...

It's my canon rebel 2000 with Fiji velvia film :)