Sunday, September 4, 2011

Magenta L❤ve

Magenta L❤ve, originally uploaded by Hannah Katarski.
Took the new board for a surf today. The conditions were pretty average - post storm, drunken swell. Took me ages to find waves. Only found a couple and then the conditions died. Took a leaf out of James' book and caught some foam. Should have done that at the beginning to at least get a feel for how it trims.

It will take me a bit of getting used to, I think. Like any new board. I found I needed to stand further forward which was surprising. Once I get it sussed I reckon I'll be able to catch anything on it! Planes nicely and duck dives like a dream!!

She's so pretty!


Johna said...

She is so beautiful. Congrats on the first session. Always takes time to get used to a new board. Soon you will be shredding everything! So rad!

Hannah said...

Thanks Johna! Had a much better second session. I'm looking forward to the learning journey.

Johna said...

Hannah! Guess what I'm getting!? Check it out:

I'm building these guys a website and they are building me a board. They are a local company (from Massachusetts) making totally eco-friendly surfboards. It will be a 5'8" Mini-Simmons. Soooooo excited! Hope you are well :)

~ j

Hannah said...

Eeeee!! How exciting! I checked out the photos. Can't wait to see it glassed! what colour will it be? Eco-friendly. That's so great. :)
I'm good. had some good waves on my mini over the weekend actually!