Thursday, June 9, 2011

Resurrections and collections

Somewhere along the way I have unwittingly become a camera collector. I don't really know how or when it happened. I made the leap that many hobbie photographers make a couple of years back, switching from a digi-point&shoot to a cheapish dSLR. I then flirted with a number of cheap waterproof film and digital cameras when I started surfing. I've since upgraded to a canon 7D and have recently gotten into film again. So I've bought a number of fun 35mm toy cameras. Then an opportunity to buy a secondhand waterproof housing for a dSLR came up and I'm now the proud owner of one of those! Plus another dSLR, just because it fits the housing and came as a package deal...

The newest arrival to the family is a canon rebel 2000. Got it on ebay for $39 and it is so exciting! I've loaded it up with a new roll of provia 100 (another swag of loot off ebay!) and can't wait to see how it goes. The bonus is that my EF lenses for my digital camera fit it. The 50mm 1.8f Mark II even auto focusses. It has pretty limited settings by the standards of today's dSLRs but so much control compared to the plastic toy cameras. It still allows for multiple exposures, which is pretty cool.
Canon resurrection

My canon D10 (my first reasonable underwater cam) drowned a few months back. This was after a year's worth of use on our round-theworld trip, during which time it performed admirably. I wasn't using it, so can't be clear on what happened to it. Insurance came to the rescue and I've just recieved the shiny new replacement. So what better way to recognise the occasion than with a photo of my cat. Isn't that why we have cameras??

The mal (above) is my dad's 1969 Cordingley's Stringerless Mark IV. Took it out on the weekend! Broke the legrope on my 3rd wave. Fun though! Convex bottom and weighs about as much as I do.
It's been in the shed since I took this shot back in 2007. When he surfs stand up, he doesn't surf goofy or regular: he just stands up facing the wave, whichever way he is going.

Normally he looks like this - click image for a larger view
Kneeboard Sequence

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