Thursday, June 2, 2011


making waves v
Lots of ideas are rolling around in my head, but now I think it's time I stop procrastinating and start pulling things off shelves and out of boxes. It's time to make a start.
Over the last couple of years I've really moved away from textiles and into mixed media and photography. Now, how to combine them all...
Surf Book - page 2
I'm really feeling a desire to get back into free machine embroidery.
June Art 2007 002
Managing a recent art competition has been really inspiring, seeing all the great work. Dampened slightly by a sensationalised story in the paper that has rather destracted from the wonderful event and participation of so many artists. Sometimes I'm just so disheartened by our society. The media in particular. It's only good news if it's bad news.
Crystal clear
So I'm off to hunt some waves this afternoon! The storm has passed, leaving banks, offshores and swell in its wake. That is sure to sooth my soul and wash away the week.
Hope you're finding waves and inspiration in whichever part of the world you grace.

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