Monday, April 4, 2011

In the Zone

So something has happened. Maybe it's the change in season. Maybe it's this moon, but I finally have some ideas cranking and I feel like they're taking me somewhere!

About a year ago I had a total epiphany realising I could combine my art and my surfing. Kind of obvious, I know... But there are so many super super surf artists out there. I'm just blown away at the endless number of ways people find of drawing waves! What can I bring that is new? So I've really struggled to figure out how to make it mine. My style.

When I was painting my first surfboards I was trying to think about what surfing in Australia is like. How are the images and culture different? What's unique? So that's been rattling around in my head for a few months. Answers are now starting to fall out.

I'm drawing and painting and even have ideas for how to incorporate my textile work in a way that I think will work!
Free Machine Embroidered Felt.

How do you find your own style? What's your point of difference? What is the unique thing you love about the place that you depict in your art?

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