Sunday, April 17, 2011

Diana Mini Big ❤

I got my first roll of film back from my diana mini yesterday. All in all I'm pretty happy with the results. I don't think I like the film, but I have a whole range of different ones to try. You can switch between formats (square and rectangle) so the negatives are pretty messy. This meant that a few of the images didn't make it onto the disc the lab gave me.
This was my set up to try and digitise the negatives. I followed a process along the lines of this to compensate for the orange cast and to invert the image. I'd previously tried to shoot them using white sky as backlighting, but this left a very blue tinge to the images. So I needed pure white.
IMG_0003The only problem with this set up was that the closeness of the negative to the screen left the grid-like pattern on my digital image. (below)
Diana Mini 1st Roll - 36
This one below is much smoother because I photographed it about 20cm from the monitor, but it's blurry. I need a holder to keep it still, so my focus is sharper.
Some funky double exposed images.
Diana Mini 1st Roll - 30
Diana Mini 1st Roll - 28

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