Thursday, January 27, 2011

mixed media art prompts

I've been thinking that a pile of prompts might be a good way to challenge me to do new and different things. Mix up my style and way of working a bit. It's nice to be challenged.

So I've been looking for lists of 'idea prompts'. I've also done up some of my own. Somewhere a while back, I read about the idea to cut out and glue the prompts onto popsticks. So that's what I'm going to do. I have coloured popsticks, and now, plenty of ideas! Now all I need is a jar to keep them in. Like I'm going to have trouble finding one of those...

Here's my list. Feel free to download it and do the same if you think it's useful. I've left some of them vague so that there's room to move. As long as they spark an idea, that's what counts. As I work primarily in mixed media/textiles and journalling these prompts are all about 'what comes next?' Add a colour, add an element, add a new material, use a certain style.... Sometimes you just need a reminder that you have puff paint and airdry clay hidden amongst your stash of gear.

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