Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Surfboard

Len Dibben kneeboard revamp
I've just completed my first surfboard makeover. Done with posca pens on my Dad's old kneeboard. Moving up to a non-retired board soon. Complete but unvarnished close-up below:
My first board makeover
So what's next?? I'm trying to find a watercolour course to have a go at some landscape painting. There's so many inspiring landscape photos on flickr at the mo and I'd love to turn some into small paintings. Magical goodness below! Click on the photo to take you to the artist's photostream...
Chris Brunt
Karl Mackie
Sarah i
Finally... check out Matt O'Sullivan's beautiful travel watercolours... click it
My Retirement


Johna said...

Oh wow, Hannah! I love what you did to this board. It's colorful and fun and a such a cool illustration, too!

Hannah Katarski said...

Thanks so much!