Sunday, December 5, 2010

Surf Book

I started this little project before we went on holiday for three months. Then I came home, broke bones in both my arms and, finally, after another two and a half months I'm back at it.

It's almost finished now and I've really enjoyed the process. I've focused on incorporating more. More layers, more elements. Pushing my own limits. Plus giving myself permission to play and make mistakes. Pages are primed canvas. 6 x 7.5 inches.

It's funny where you find new inspiration. When I started surfing I didn't really consider the artistic side of it, but so many surfers are artists. When you're completely obsessed with the ocean it makes sense that you want to draw/paint/photograph it!
Surf Book - page 1
Surf Book - page 1b
Surf Book - page 2
Surf Book - page 3
Surf Book - Page 3a
Surf Book - page 4
Surf Book - page 5b
Surf Book - page 5a
Surf Book - page 6

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