Wednesday, October 6, 2010

3 weeks, 5 days and counting...

So the slow process of sorting through the 3000 odd photos has been made slower by the fact that I broke both my arms our first day back in Australia. Plans for a quick trip down to Yallingup before heading back to work were replaced by trips to Emergency rooms and x-ray centres. The lesson has been learned: Skateboarding and jetlag don't mix.

So now I'm counting down until I'm no longer cripsey and can get back in the water. It's been almost 4 weeks now. It'll depend what the Doc says at my next appointment in 2 weeks. If the splint can come off my left wrist then I can, with any luck, be wave sliding on the first day of Summer.

In the meantime, I've been getting mobility back into my right arm with physio exercises, checking the swell charts to see what I'm missing - nothing - and surfing vicariously.

Some visual poetry from Flickr... mouse over images for credits.

Once Upon a Time
Wahine Cutting Back Near Rocky Point October 20 2009
mar otra vez [Explore]
sewer peak
female grace
Jen : photo Zaz
Hapuna Light #1 - Hapuna Beach, Big Island, Hawaii

Inspiration by:
Maddie J
Zaz by Roxy surf

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