Friday, September 18, 2009

Bali Bagus

Uluwatu - reef and swimmers
Well... Bali was amazing. The weather was perfect everyday. We were over there with a great bunch of people, so everyday was a party. The hotel was magic. Right on the beach and our room had an open air bathroom whcih was fabulous. We went out to Uluwatu on James' birthday. Amazing. Huge. We didn't surf there, of course, just washed and then swam in next to the cave.
Surfer at Uluwatu
Food, swimming, shopping.. and of course, some surfing. Unfortunately it was pretty big - 3m plus for most of the time we were there. That meant that the beach break was standing up vertical right out the back before closing out, filling the beach with white water. A lot of mess. This also meant a lot fo water moving around, invisible rips and lots of trash in the water.
We had two really nice days where the swell was smaller and the waves were forming off two distinct peaks out the front of the hotel. Magic. I have footage that I put up on youtube. Actually got some really great rides and it was fabulous to be really surfing somewhere overseas.
offerings at a water temple
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