Saturday, October 18, 2008


We went to Scarborough this morning after fiddle farting around about going to Surf Beach. Initially we were heading down to SB with Ryan and Ryan Hewitt, who needed to hire a board, plus maybe Jess, who I might've talked into going. Then both Ryans weren't going anymore and Jess wasn't keen without Ryan. So it was back to Judy, Paul, James and I - and suddenly we didn't need to go down to SB anymore. So we didn't. Small swell - 1.3m, light SSE winds. Super low tide 0.38m. Still Scabs was fun til it started getting bigger and kept breaking in knee high water. The waves were getting steeper and steeper, but there wasn't any more water to get under. First thing we caught a few. James had some nice ones, scooting along on the angle. He said my pop ups are heaps faster now which is terrific. Maybe on those waves that I bail on I should just trust to standing up and might be fine. Always feels like you're gonna nosedive though. Had a few little rides, but the highlight for me was that I was catching waves today! I think all the stuff that I've been thinking about and Dad's been telling me has had a week to sink into my muscles! So I was paddling deep, using my knees to keep the nose up while still keeping my chin down. I may have piked on them once I caught them, but I was catching them!! Small victory for me!!! :D

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