Thursday, April 24, 2008


Haven't blogged forever and a day. Just been so busy! Been surfing too, so that uses up most of my spare time very pleasurably. I've just finished these 2 pieces for an upcoming exhibition called the 'Clothespeg Project - Volume 2' Here's a review of the first instalment. And some photos from the first instalment! Should be fun! Fingers crossed my work makes the cut. I've worked with applique and paper casting on these two pieces. They're A5 sized. Will try and upload some more of my recent work. Just gotta get the home PC up and working again. Alas! It has died.
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Carol said...

Oh love the colours, the paper casting is lovely.Will have fingers crossed for you.

MargaretR said...

That top wone is fantastic Hannah.
All the best.

Hannah Katarski said...

Thanks a lot, girls!
Have terrific weekends!