Friday, January 11, 2008

Long absence

I haven't blogged in so long. It's been quite bad. Having just started a new job, where I sit in front of a PC all day, the last thing I feeling like doing when I get home is do the same. Have had a bit of a break from my art. Been learning to surf and enjoying some well earned holidays doing NOTHING!! It's a strange felling to be sure. I'm normally so motivated towards a goal. Not having one leaves me feeling a little displaced. Having finished my exhibition, I've been looking forward to exploring some new techniques and making some small projects. This one tickled my fancy. Little amulet pouches from a recent issue of ClothPaperScissors. I am in the process of making 8 at the moment. Even followed the instructions!!! From now on I'll do what I normally do and make my own version based on my inspiration from the original design... these ones for instance, ask you to iron bondaweb onto each side of the acrylic felt. You then iron printer's foil to one side and paint the other. Next time, I would paint the vilene. Let it dry and then iron it on to the felt. I think this will give a better texture for what I was after. Also make them slightly bigger. :] I gave the above one to a friend for Christmas. Folded up it is about 9cm long. So pretty small. This one is a little bigger. Probably 13cm, when folded. Here's the foiled inside view. Will try and blog a bit more regularly now... as long as I have something to show :D
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SuZ said...

Hannah- these are just lovely ! --- I'm inspired to try them now too... great colors !