Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Postcards and Stuff

Here are some postcards that I fiiiinally finished. Only took about 7 months. Unbelievable :P The second one uses paper casting, acrylic paints and acrylic felt. Here are two snippets! The first is of my newly finished work. The second is the background for the orange and blue circles I've been working on. Very happy with it so far.
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Carol said...

Love the bottom picture, what is it??? I love the little snippets of your work, can't wait to see the whole. The header is pretty fine too!

Hannah Katarski said...

Hi Carol!
The bottom piece is acrylic felt, with painted bondaweb ironed onto it. Then Stitched. Very cool technique. Lots of different results. Can look like leather sometimes. Metallic paints work really well. I use acrylics. Normal craft paints. :)

Jacquelines blog said...

I agree with Carol, the bottom piece is gorgeous! Nice postcards!