Monday, June 18, 2007

Felting Retreat

I went to a felt retreat on the weekend and made myself a jacket!! Here is the took me two days. : But I am very happy with it now!! This first pic is less than half the wool tops laid out.
In this picture you can see how long the sleeves are to allow for shrinkage... That is one in the foreground dangling to the ground.
Here it is. The resist has been cut out and it is ready to be fulled.
Here it is!!! Fulled and still wet. oh yes. It is still drying, then I will trim the cuffs so they are even and trim the collar. It is almost ready to be worn with a big button or pin pin. I will make a brooch out of the cut offs.
Blogger will only let me upload 4 pics at a time so here is another one with the collar in a different position.....
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English Rose said...

great Jacket Hannah, must have taken you ages! is it lovely and soft to wear?

Hannah Katarski said...

It is! Very light too. I am planning on embroidering the collar in silver, I think. At one point I never thought i was going to finish it. just had to slog away at it until it was finished. If I was making it at home, I might spead out the laying of the wool over a longer period of time because I wouldn't be in anyone's way. So I could leave it and come back to it in a day or whatever.