Sunday, July 1, 2007

Elementia Series

Important art making equipment....Now that I've finished my commission it is full steam ahead working on my exhibition pieces. This is a series that I am quite excited about. I have dyed habotai silk in 5 different variations
I am planning to to machine embroider 36 tiles on each which will be cut out and placed on a background fabric. Each colour will represent an element. I have almost finished stitching the grids on all the colours. One to go.
Sample piece.
What the tiles will look like...

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Jane P said...

I just love the way that your art work is evolving. I have just got back into textiles after many years of playing around with different mediums- but just having bought a felting machine- have fallen back in love with textiles. please let me know about your ex. as I would love to come