Saturday, June 23, 2007


I've plucked up the courage and started sewing things down on this piece. Sometimes its hard to get started on the actual sewing. But now I'm enjoying it. Done a fair bit more than what's in the picture now. Wore my jacket out in public last night and it was good I got some nice comments about it. It's passed the test!! Off to the embroiderers' Guild this morning for our monthly group day. I am doing a demo on making felt balls and the joys of melting acrylic felt. Wizzed up some postcards last night to melt! It's been really cold here. Just has the winter solstice, so at least we've passed the halfway mark with it getting dark so early. If we weren't still trying to walk around the house in nothing, or next to, we'd be fine. Now it becomes a brisk run from the bathroom/bedroom/clothes room. We just end up sitting on the couch with a doona because it is to cold to move around.
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