Friday, May 11, 2007

Bits and Pieces

I have been on an inchie rampage!!! Why make 9 when you can make 39??? Above are 'metallic' inchies for a swap I'm doing on Textile Challenges.
I have been doing a few little things - work has been so busy that I really just worked and slept last week. Not how I like to be, but then I now have quite a few days off up my sleeve in return. So a long weekend this weekend! and another in a fortnight so I can do a textile workshop!!! I'd say that works out nicely.
Here are the paper castings all painted up. Once I've sewn them into something I will probably add more paint to blend them in. I have also played with some meat try pieces. Unfortunately I can't seem to get the same results that I did the last time I played with it.
Here we are, Mags!! Only took me about 2 weeks to get to the post office to send them!! I look forward to my surprise! :)
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Carol said...

These are so lovely Hannah. Well done you.Jan will love them, the gothic thing will be just up her street. Glad to see you and Pat having a get together.

MargaretR said...

The black and white inches are fantastic Hannah. The ones at the top are great too.

molly jean said...

looking forward to seeing what you do with the cast paper. I like the inchies too, especially the way they look put together!